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The goal of Program Design and Management is to maintain dynamic and cohesive management systems that support continuous improvement and foster a commitment to providing the highest level of services to children and families in accordance with the requirements of the Head Start Performance Standards. Program Design and Management provides the structure and support systems required to carry out the agency’s mission and vision. Through systems of (1) Program Planning & Service System Design, (2) Data & Evaluation, (3) Fiscal Management, (4) Community & Self-Assessment, (5) Facilities & Learning Environments, (6) Transportation, (7) Technology & Information Systems, (8) Training & Professional Development, (9) Communication, (10) Recordkeeping & Reporting, (11) Ongoing Monitoring & Continuous Improvement, and (12) Human Resources, we provide a solid structure that supports early childhood development and parent engagement which promote school readiness for children.

The Management Systems and procedures are a part of Friends of Children of Mississippi ongoing organized approach to managing Head Start/ Early Head Start services. These systems are connected and inter-related with each impacted by the others and all influencing and influenced by program services. With all these systems, the emphasis is on supporting all content area services.


Friends of Children of Mississippi, Inc. provide safe transportation services, when such services are a barrier to participation in the program by the neediest families in the service delivery area. Our transportation system is safe and meet all requirements outlined in the Head Start Performance Standards. Our goal is to ensure children are at school daily in order to benefit from the comprehensive services provide to Head Start and Early Head Start enrollees. All enrolled children are provided transportation to go on educational field trips. For questions or concerns about transportation, please contact Helen Griffin, Program Design and Management Director or Oliver Sims, Transportation Coordinator at (601) 321-0960

Human Resources

We take care of the employees, who take care of our children and families, by providing a safe and positive work environment through a team-based style of management that promotes growth and job satisfaction. (Click here for more information.)

Information Technology

We provide the technology needed to enhance each child’s school readiness preparation and support the operational needs of the agency’s content area services.

MERAKI network

For a stable and reliable computing experience, Friends of Children of Mississippi, Inc. utilizes an industry leader and one of the most advanced and forward thinking networking solutions. Meraki, a Cisco product, enhances computing experience with Cisco based switches, firewalls, wireless access points, phone system, and mobile device management. Meraki provides seamless integration among a number of devices to the network as well as providing a more secured environment with enhanced antivirus protection. Content Filtering and Threat Protection ensures a safe and controlled environment for children and teachers as well as employees and guests.

Most importantly, paired with Cisco AMP for Endpoints, FCM’s Cisco Meraki network is future-proofed so there is little need to reinvest in the core infrastructure on a frequent basis. From one portal, administrators fully manage and support computers, VoIP phone systems, servers, and security software all while offering various remediation alternatives in the event of security breach.

IT Help Desk

Welcome to FCM, Inc. Univerit Help Desk

Please log into your Univerit account and choose the section called “WORK ORDERS.” Please choose your location, area of concern, and type of request. Your request will be reviewed promptly.


FCM, Inc. utilizes ChildPlus as a database management solution for its Head Start and Early Head Start programs. Collection, analyzation, and ongoing monitoring are captured to safeguard data to ensure federal guidelines are being met. ChildPlus deploys a number of tracking mechanisms, charts, and reports used for analyzing and planning.